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School Curriculum 2010-2011

Since our school year last year ended rather unexpectedly when we left town for 4 weeks to spend time with my dad, I really feel scattered going into this year. A few of the children have a few things to wrap up from last year before they are ready to start this year, but that is one of the blessings of homeschooling!

Once again, I have spent time organizing and reorganizing our school cupboard, chore charts, and curriculum to have a fresh start for the year. I think it makes me feel like everything will work better if we have an organized start. Not sure if it actually does or not, but I like to think it helps!
This year Yoda is able to do more activities and hopefully get in less mischief. I am always hopeful about that part! He loves to look at books and do puzzles, as well as paint, color and play dough, so he will have some planned activity times with an older sibling to help him out. Mostly his job will be to play and stay out of trouble!

Padme- Kindergarten
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons- started last year, will continue this year
Abeka Math
Abeka Social Studies
Science-Flying Creatures of the 5th Day

Leia-3rd grade
Abeka math
Abeka Language Arts
Handwriting Without Tears
Typing- Mavis Beacon
Spanish- The Learnables
Science- Flying Creatures of the 5th Day
Reading- Sonlight core 3
History- Sonlight core 4
Bible- Sonlight and Awana

Luke-6th Grade
Math- Saxon 7/6
Abeka Language Arts
Science- Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Spanish- the Learnables
typing- Mavis Beacon
History and reading- Sonlight Core 4
Bible- Sonlight and Awana

Obi-9th Grade
Math- Teaching Textbooks Algebra II
Science- Apologia Biology
Spanish- Rosetta Stone
Modern History of the World- Homeschool class for history, literature and composition
Obi has a chain maille business that he is going to launch into an Etsy store this fall.

Han- 11th Grade
Modern History of the World- Homeschool class for history, literature and composition
Spanish- Rosetta Stone
Typing- Mavis Beacon- Han did this program earlier and is redoing for skill
College Plus- Han is starting with College Plus this fall, working on college credits while completing high school

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