Thursday, October 28, 2010

Firestation Trip

Luke, Padme and I went to our local fire station recently for a field trip with some friends. The older kids had been to the fire station before, but this was Padme's first time. She was very excited. She got to try on the fireman's gear and it looked so comical because she is so little in it.
Luke trying out the fire truck.

Padme loved it all.

Our fireman guide showing us the the Jaws of Life equipment. Luke loved all the big saws and tools.

Padme and her buddy with the fireman in all his gear.

This was the fourth or fifth time we have been to a fire station and I am always so impressed at the firemen's kindness and patience with the children. Truly public servants we are blessed to have protecting us. We will have to go back again when Yoda is a bit older and Leia can come along, too.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bunny Love

We have some friends who invited us over to see their baby bunnies. My little kids love animals, and the bunnies were a big hit! Of course, they were ready to bring them all home. Good thing we were on vacation and bringing a bunny 500 miles in the car was not a possibility!

Padme especially loved to hold them once she figured out how to do it without getting scratched.

Yoda liked the bunnies, but was very concerned the entire time. He didn't want them to get away, and he wanted someone to help him. He did not want the bunnies to be taken away, just to have help with them.

Leia really loves animals and will love on anything. She is very sweet and motherly with animals.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Yard Sale Find of the Summer!

RIght before we left for our vacation, Hubby bought the kids a treat for next summer at a friend's yardsale. When we returned, it was warm enough one day to set up and the kids were thrilled. Except for Yoda, who did not like it at all, although he did like wearing his sister's goggles!

Padme ready to play in the water!

Here she goes!

Leia also had a blast!

Maybe next summer Yoda will be ready to play with them.