Friday, November 6, 2009

Happenings around our House

We have had a couple more sick kids around here lately. I am thinking this is going to be a long winter. Sigh... Anyways, that is the nature of life with many kids, I guess.

In more positive news, Han got his learners permit last week, so he is officially behind the wheel. I thought this would make me very worried, but I am actually looking forward to him being able to drive and help out with the chauffeur duties around here!

And Luke, who has been a poky and reluctant reader, has finally taken off and is reading like crazy! He has read a book a day the past three days, reminding me of Han. How I have prayed for this! And God is good. And I am so happy for him. He sticks his nose in a book and doesn't come up until he is done. In the past we would read his mandatory reading and be done. No matter how exciting the book was at the moment. He has the bug now, and I will gladly put up with another bookworm in our family.

Awana had a fictional character night recently, and both of the girls dressed up as Laura Ingalls. Now, we know she isn't a fictional character, but that is who they both wanted to be. Their bonnets were bought in DeSmet, SD, when we visited Ingalls Homestead and attended the DeSmet Pagent two years ago. That trip was a lot of fun!

And the best news lately is that Yoda has turned a corner in the sleep department. He has been a terrible sleeper since birth, 15 months ago. But lately, he has started sleeping deeper and longer and it is wonderful. I have no idea, other than prayers, what has made the difference. I have tried everything, and nothing really made a difference. In the past, he would wake up at the slightest noises, and our house is never quiet. So, this new change is quite wonderful and long overdue.
Yoda was snuggling with Obi while Obi was doing his math. Yoda likes to listen to the MP3 player with Obi.

He snuggled in, listened a bit, and fell to sleep. So sweet.

My mom is coming to visit for Thanksgiving. She will be here for one week, and in that week she will get to go to the girls Worship Dance recital, attend our church's Celebration Service, celebrate Luke's birthday with us, and Thanksgiving. Our Celebration Service will be our first service in the brand new sanctuary. The older two boys will be in a Mime presentation during the service, and Leia's dance class is dancing for it. The kids are planning all kinds of crafts to do with her, also. My mom is very crafty, and I am not. Before we moved, she came over before Christmas and make Christmas ornaments with the kids one day and mints another day. So, we will try to get as much done as possible while she is here. She will probably go home exhausted, but we are so excited that she is coming!


  1. I know your mom has missed you and the kids a lot so this will be good for all of you. I think it is great and to bad your dad isn't coming also. I wonder if maybe the little one is sleeping better because his ears aren't bothering him with having the tubes put in. My Donna was 10 when she had to have tubes and she said that the pressure was worse whenever she would lay down and also the sounds would be amplified, so that could be the case with Yoda... God little miracles are always a blessing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and great visit with your Mom.

  2. WOW! First off, cannot believe that J is driving - are you kidding me??????

    YEAH on the reading & sleeping accomplishments!

    Darling pix of the girls w/ the DeSmet caps:)

    I'm so happy for all of you that your mom is coming! Isn't it a wonderful time of anticipation before a grandma comes! I'm sure you'll have TONS of fun w/ her :) :) I feel the same way about our crafty grandma :)

    Much love,

  3. Glad to hear the sleep thing is finally working out better. I was wondering how his ears are doing. Our Ellie loves to curl up with the girls and listen to their ipod. It is a lot different having teens and babies at the same time verses just having babies, isn't it? Sometimes I just sit and laugh at what the baby does that the older ones wouldn't have cared a fig for when they were that age.


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