Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Favorites Friday: Olympics

Grateful for Grace is hosting a blog carnival called Family Favorites Friday. I was so excited to see this carnival begin because I love stories. Then I was struck with stage fright, worried that my family stories wouldn't be funny to anyone else except us. But, then I realized that really my blog is for me and my family as a sort of digital scrapbook, so if we like the stories, that is what matters. And if anyone else gets a giggle out of them, that would be an added bonus. So, here goes....

I love the Olympics. In fact, I am an Olympics junkie. I remember being a little kid and watching the Olympics. I remember all the big stars, and moments. Now, I don't really like boxing or hockey, but put it in the Olympics, add a few personal stories, and I will watch every moment I can. When I was 20 I had surgery on my knee and spent a lot of time on the couch recovering, and the Summer Olympics was on. I watched every televised moment that year. I was even up in the middle of the night to see all the coverage I could. I love the Olympics.

So, 12 years ago, I was so excited for our two oldest boys to be introduced to the wonderful world of Winter Olympics. They were 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old. I thought they would be interested in seeing the skating or the skiing, or any of it. The Olympics were held in Japan, and during the opening ceremonies, our boys did see something that they loved. They were fascinated, and practiced their moves every chance they got. They discovered Sumo Wrestling!!! I couldn't believe it. The were disinterested in everything else they saw, but those huge men wearing what looks like diapers, they loved. They would take off their clothes, stripping down to their underwear and diaper, and practice the opening moves, and then full fledged wrestling would follow. We have lots of pictures, but I am not able to scan pictures right now. Maybe some time soon the kinks will be worked out and I will add some pictures.

This year, Padme is 5 and can't get enough of the skating. She dances along as they skate on TV and practices all the moves. Exactly what I was thinking would happen 12 years ago. But the boys did find something they loved, just not what I was thinking they would. And it wasn't that I hoped they would want to be in the Olympics, just enjoy watching them as much as I do. Really, what mother in America hopes her sons will grow up to be Sumo Wrestlers???


  1. OH, Amy!! That's just perfect for FFF! And this is a darling story. I can just imagine the sumo wrestlers. How hilarious. Thank you so much for participating! I'm going to change my intro/explanation to make sure no one feels like their story has to impress. It's to record for the family, just you like you said.


  2. That is so cute and sweet. I love the whole story and I am glad you shared it. I be Padme likes the skating cause she can do it. How are they doing with that anyway?I must get onto some of these carnivals and such sometime


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