Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tug O War Family

Sports have never been a huge part of our lives. We love to watch the Olympics and the boys have all tried soccer and basketball, which Leia also tried. Obi loves basketball and has lately been interested in watching college basketball, but no one has really excelled at a sport. Until the Awana Olympics this year. I think we have found our niche in the sport world.

It all started with Leia last month. She is actually a Sparky but was drafted up to the T & T ( a group up) for the Awana Olympics. She is such a girl and we had never seen her do the tug o war. It is usually a four way tug, but they were lacking a team so it was three way. Imagine our surprise to see our little girl out there tugging away and winning with her partner. Made her brothers so proud!

Then it was Luke's turn. When he won, we were excited again.

This past weekend, Han and Obi were on different teams. They are both the anchor for their teams. And they ended up tugging against each other. I was home with a sick baby, so I missed all the fun, but Hubby videoed for me. So, below are the You Tube videos from our Tug O War family. We couldn't be more proud!

For the tug of war, the team wins when their team member picks up the bean bag on the floor. If you watch, you can see a judge move the bag up little by little as time goes by. The anchor usually grabs the bag and that is the end of the tug. Several times you can see the anchor grab for something and miss, and then go back to tugging.

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  1. Oh now I miss all of you guys so much more. My boys loved the Awana Olympics too. Sigh......I wish I hadn't whined so much about Pueblo....lucky you . Looks like you guys had a great time.


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