Monday, March 2, 2009

Read With Me Mommy

Leia and I are going to a Read With Me Mommy book club that is part of our home school group. Last month was the first one and we read the book Hitty: The First Hundred Years. It was a book about a carved wooden doll and all the adventures she has over a period of 100 years. This doll had an amazing life! Leia really liked the book, although I thought it was a bit over her head at times.

At the club meeting, all of the girls, ages 7-11, got to tell their favorite part of the book, and had a little discussion about it. The leader gave the girls a picture of the real Hitty doll in a picture frame and they got to decorate it. Then they had snacks, consisting of real tea, which Leia was so excited to taste, but ended up hating it. Just like her mom... Anyways, then the girls had some time to play. Leia had such a good time, and it was fun for her and I to have something that we did together.

Here is a picture of her with the book, her decorated picture, a book mark, and a quilt square she made. She keeps them all on her dresser. The girls can make a quilt square for all of the books they read, and then at the end make them into a quilt. That means I better learn a bit about quilting between now and then!

Tonight, we went to the book club and talked about the book The 100 Dresses. This is a very good book, but it is kind of sad, with a very good moral lesson to it. Leia really liked this book. At the meeting she made another quilt square after a good discussion of the book. She also had fun playing with the other girls after the craft was over. Here is a picture with her book and quilt square.

Next month the book is A Little Princess.


  1. Amy! So good to hear from you on my blog! I LOVE your blog! What a fantastic idea to make quilt squares for each book! When you learn to quilt, we should get together so you can teach ME and I can rip off the book quilt square idea! :) Also, love the names of your kids! Blessings to you!!!!

  2. look at you - changing your themes, posting, adding, editing... you're a natural born blogger :)
    Love it!


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