Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silly Pictures

This is a picture of the girls Baby Zoo they made in their room. Yoda was a good sport and played along.

Here is a close up of Yoda in the Baby Zoo.

This is what the brothers did while I was on the phone with Daddy! Help me Momma!

This is what the sisters did to Yoda. Boy, it is hard being number 6!!

Goofy Girls! Leia is wearing Padme's clothes, Padme is wearing Yoda's clothes!


  1. SOOOO cute!
    I love the one w/ ____ under the basket w/ the light shining in behind him - precious! Also the one where the girls 'jeweled' him up! :)

  2. oh my goodness. I can't beleive those boys did that to the baby. No way I would get my boys to "wear" jewlery. So now it's their turn right? LOL.
    I love the girls too.
    What a great mom that you didn't get mad at them. You know by stretching the clothes. All it stride is the way I do most things too. MOst.


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