Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Praise and A lot of Crying

Thank you for the prayers for Yoda. His procedure itself went very well. Before and after the procedure, he was a crying baby. He still doesn't sleep through the night, and he loves to nurse. A bad combination when he couldn't have anything to eat or drink the night before his tubes! Needless to say, he was up at 4:00 am crying and fussing until time to leave. He was fine in the waiting room, but as soon as they took us back, he started crying and cried until he finally fell asleep! I held him for about 20 minutes, until they took him for his 10 minute procedure. As soon as they took him, he started crying, and he woke up crying. He cried almost hysterically after he woke up. There was no comforting him. He went back and forth between hubby and me until they let us leave. He normally dislikes his car seat, but as soon as we got into the Suburban and he was in his car seat, he settled down. And fell asleep on the way home. He only slept for about 20 minutes, but when he woke up, he was fine. Although very clingy.

And it was our second day of school.... so it was a full day, and I was exhausted! The next morning, I put some prescribed drops in Yoda's ears, and he started crying again. For about 45 minutes. And after that, other than being more clingy than his usual clingon self, he is back to normal. And hubby and I are just trying to get caught up with our sleep deprivation!


  1. Oh, poor baby AND poor parents! May I suggest something? I rubbed Wee Babe's feet (the soles) with some coconut oil mixed with lavender (just a tiny bit) and frankincense. I think it really helped. You could also get some Hyland's Teething Tablets from the store. I know they're for teething, but they also help with general fussiness. It has some great calmers in it.

    Ok, also, would you mind giving me your email? As a thank you for participating in the Memorial Stones in Words so faithfully, I'd like to give you a gift. You get to choose: $10 to Amazon or $10 to iTunes. So, what'llitbe? ;-)

  2. Glad to hear Yoda is doing better. Hopefully the tubes will help with the ear infections and you won't have to go through this again in a year or two.

  3. Amy,

    I am so sorry that Yoda had such a hard time of it. The night Brianna got her tubes in was the first night of solid sleep I had had in at least 18 months. I thought her surgeon was just about up there with God:) I do pray that he will have relief from here on out. As far as nursing, I know that it always brought relief for her because of the sucking relieving the pressure.

    Now that you know that he is not in pain, perhaps it will be a matter of putting him in bed and closing the door and letting him cry through it a night or two. I am sorry you poor dear. I do hope you can get some rest this long weekend.

    First rest, than everything else. School and all will go much smoother if you are 100%! You have a great crew and they are smart and will get done soon enough.

    I ordered the Maxwell's book as a matter of interest. You are the second one to recommend it. I think our schedule works well for us but perhaps I can find something to make it a little better still.

    And I got a chuckle out of your comment on my post Friday. I asked my girls if they would mind if I arranged some husband's for them. They gave me a funny look at first and then giggled, too. We would definitely have to move closer. JK. But stranger things have happened:)



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