Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Memorial Stones in Words: Music in our House

Grateful for Grace hosts a Memorial Stone in Words carnival on the 30th of each month. From her blog: "In history, the Israelites often were told to make memorial stone pillars. These were piles of rock that were to remind the people (and tell others) that God had done something big in their lives. God knew (and still does) that people benefit from visuals. These memorial stones gave the people a chance to tell the story again, either to those who were there and need to be reminded, or to those who were not and needed to know what happened. It also was an opportunity to be refreshed in their faith."

I grew up taking both piano and flute lessons. And I didn't fully appreciate them, especially the piano lessons. And I can play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the piano. And that is about it. I have played my flute a few times for church events in the last five years. But, other than the radio or CD player, that is the only music that has been played in my house. I wanted my children to have the opportunity to take piano lessons, but it never worked out. We were too broke, didn't have room for a piano (once three different people offered to give us a piano in the space of a month!) , and finally, God just told me NO. I listened, and although I felt a bit bad, I trusted God in this. And let me tell you, it is hard being a homeschooler and not taking any music lessons. Probably about 99% of the homeschool population takes music lessons.

It helped that none of the boys wanted to take piano lessons. But as Leia got older, she was interested. Two Christmas's ago, we got her a little play keyboard, and she played on it. And continued to express interest in lessons. We told her when she was older.

Well, older arrived this summer. A homeschool mom, who is also one of the pastor's wives at our church, lives about a mile away and teaches piano lessons. I talked to her about piano lessons casually earlier this summer, but she wasn't sure if she had room in her schedule. I didn't pursue it. A friend offered the use of her keyboard for as long as we need. But the teacher part still wasn't there. I mentioned it to another friend, but still not sure if it was going to happen.

Well, this friend mentioned it to the teacher, and a Sunday after church, the teacher stopped by to give one of the boys their Bible he had forgotten at church. And she asked if we wanted her LAST time slot left. Now this teacher has never been to my house before. So, I took it as a sign from God that now the answer to piano lessons is YES! I guess when the teacher shows up to your house to offer lessons, you can know that God is in control.

So, Leia is taking piano lessons. And Obi decided that he would also like to take lessons, so he is taking them, also. Leia and Obi are sharing a lesson time, so Leia goes one week, and Obi the next. And they can both play a few little songs already, and are loving practicing. Let's hope it continues. But I think it will. I waited a long time for God to provide these lessons, and I am sure good things are going to come from them!


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  2. That's really neat! My husband is EXTREMELY musical, but never had lessons. It's very important to him that our kids have that opportunity. Fortunately, my mom and dad live near us and have offered to pay for our oldest daughter's lessons. My mom even picks her up and takes her for me. I'm blessed!

  3. Little Leia looks so happy with her books and keyboard. I think it is also neat that Obi decided to take lessons too. Your kids getting music was all in God's time.

  4. This is good news. How wondeful God is to drop that right in your lap.

    My kids haven't expressed interest in music either until this summer, my son was given free drumming lessons for a month by his auntie and uncle. He took the lessons and liked it, but that's where it stopped. We couldn't afford to continue. We take him to the church to practice every so often. We need to do all we can to help him get more practice.

    Have fun with the piano playing kids.

    Take care,

  5. Music, especially piano and singing are a very important of our life and family. There is always someone playing on the piano, or belting out a hymn or the ipod playing away. All the kids listen to music when they go to bed at night. Did I mention we have a small house. And all ours bedrooms are in close proximity. And they never have the same thing playing. Sometimes I have to close my door because it makes my head spin. Regardless, I praise God for the gift of music!


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