Saturday, August 28, 2010

Little Kid's Camp

Recently Obi and Han went on an almost 2 week mission trip to Southern California. While they were gone we had "Little Kids' Camp" at our house. Every weekday we did fun things that the little kids like to do but we don't necessarily do a lot because the older two boys wouldn't enjoy.

Here are a few pictures of some of the highlights of our time.

Swimming at our friend's pool.

We love the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. When you first go in you are met by these wonderful giraffes. Earlier in the summer Yoda was terrified of them, but this time he thought they were the best. I didn't get a good picture of him with the giraffes, but this one is of my friend's kids with Padme in the front.

The giraffe's tongues are amazing!

These two got snakes painted on their forearms.

These two played in the dirt.

These two are zebras.

And these two have dragonflies on their cheeks.

The zoo was lots of fun. Our friends made it even more fun!

Leia got her first horse riding lesson. She loved it! And is praying for a horse.

We went to Focus on the Family. We love the Chronicles of Narnia, so of course we had to take pictures with the kids and Aslan.

Yoda by the Narnia wall.

Watching a Last Chance Detectives in their little theater.

We had lots of fun and were sad when it was over. One of the things the kids liked the most is going to yard sales one day. How simple is that? I spent a few dollars on books and everyone was happy! I need to do more little kid things even when the oldest two are home and don't want to join in. My little kids are growing up fast and I need to enjoy them more.

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  1. Oh, I remember that zoo. That was when we figured out I was pregnant with Donna 30 years ago as I passed out cold, not once but on 2 different occations. LOL
    Love all the pictures and being able to know how your family is doing.


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