Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Padme's Birthday Party

For Padme's first ever birthday party with friends, she wanted a chocolate cake, not a decorated cake, and a dress up/water party. So, this is what she got! She loves this chocolate sheet cake (recipe from the Pioneer Woman). Very plain looking, but delicious!

Her little friends all dressed up in dress up clothes. The boy is Indiana Jones!

And the water party was after the presents and cake and homemade ice cream. Here Padme is arming herself with water balloons.

The water slide was a hit as well.

And no party is complete without a pinata and a bunch of candy.

She had a great time and was looking forward to her brothers coming home after being gone on a mission trip and the family party that night.


  1. My goodness, their birthdays come all at once! Looks like lots of fun!


  2. What a great birthday for Padme!




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