Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Pilgrim's Progress

I am late getting this posted. It has been a bit crazy around here, with a cold making the rounds through the family making everyone miserable, especially the baby, who felt lousy and only momma could console him.

Anyways..... Leia and I went to the book club where Little Pilgrim's Progress was the subject. I have to admit, I didn't really want to read this book. We had tried to read several different versions of the book and we could never get very far into it before giving up. And it didn't seem like a very good book for little girls to read! Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. I read this book to the four oldest kids and we all loved it. It was written as though Christian, the main character, was a little boy and it was very understandable to the kids. And talk about a book that has applications to real life! We had great discussions about it and it made us really think about God and his loving care for us. Leia actually liked the second half of the book the best where Christiana is the main character. It was interesting how no one's journey was the same, how the characters worked together to help each other and others, and the King's servants helped them when they needed outside help. This was both Leia and my favorite book so far!

At the meeting, the hostess had different stations for the girls to go around to and gather materials to design a Christian t-shirt. They went to the bank, the library, the craft store and then to the art studio. Kind of like the different places the characters visited in the book. After the craft, which Leia loved (she is very crafty, unlike her mom), they had snacks and time for playing. Overall, a big hit for fun and fellowship.

The picture is of Leia wearing her shirt that she decorated. It says God with fabric scraps and she has a belt of truth at her waist.


  1. Thanks for this reminder of this wonderful book. I also like how the travelers help each other along the path. That is one of the amazing blessings or our Christian walk.

    Our older children have all read it, but I need to get it out for a read aloud for some of the younger ones.


  2. Cute shirt. We will have to check this out. My kids have always loved Pilgrim's Progress when they get a little older but my little readers might like getting in on the story, too. we love to read aloud. Glad you are feeling better now.

  3. How amazing that the host had the idea to do that, it must have made it all the more fun. I love the t-shirt. With the belt of truth it almost looks like a dress. Hmmm. Sounds like you guys had a great time. what a joy to find some quality time like this for you and Leia.


  4. Her shirt is precious. She must get that from her grandma who is very crafty.


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