Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let there be Grass!

We finally have some green in our yard!! After days of hard work, 45 tons of rock and 45 tons of topsoil, and backbreaking work, we have a yard with grass! There is still more rock to be moved, and a fence to be put up, but good progress has been made. Here a few pictures of the transformation of our yard.
Here are some before pictures.

This is the front yard.

The backyard before the garage was built.

After the garage was built this past January.

The backyard before all the work.

These pictures are of the workers. Hubby ran the Bobcat and was the foreman for all the rock and dirt work. He had to go back to work, so the kids laid the sod. Obi was the man in charge and he did a great job managing his workers. It was a team project.

And there was a fair amount of goofing off, too!I had some help in the house with the baby and in preparing food for the hard workers.

Here is Luke rocking the baby to sleep.

And the girls frosting a cake to feed all the workers.

And the backyard finished product.

And the front yard. It still needs the edging put around the border.

We had semi cloudy days every day they worked, so it didn't get too hot. And we didn't have any injuries to anybody. Both major answers to prayer. Now on to the fence!

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  1. Wow! Your yard looks great. I can not tell you how much this makes me think of my crew. First comes to mind, their hard work and willingness to get the job done for Pa. Next, the clowning around. And last but not least, the toys scattered around the work area. No matter if it be hauling stones, spreading mulch or planting...we always have trucks scattered about our outdoor projects.

    I wanted to note that after I hit post I noticed a typo in my last comment. JOIN I intended to be JOY. That is what happens when I take my contacts out and type with my glasses on...can't see a thing.

    Great work on the yard. You must be so excited to be making progress. We've been at ours seven years...and counting...but I am so pleased with the progress...I keep thinking I want to go to the basement and dig out some before pictures to compare with. We were on film then...boy I love digital.


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