Sunday, June 14, 2009

Applebees Field Trip

We ended our school year with a field trip to Applebee's. We went with three other families from our homeschool group. The kids were going to get to tour the kitchen and get a free meal. Sounded like a good deal to me! The ladies at Applebee's were amazing. They were very outgoing, excited to have the kids there, and made this field trip one of our favorites.

The kids got a complete tour of the kitchen, the walk in refrigerators and freezers. Then the Applebee's folks had some games to play while we waited for our food. They had a sweeping competition for the younger children, where the winner of each heat got a coupon for free ice cream for a year. For the teens they had them roll silverware in napkins, also as a race.

Here are Obi and Han in their silverware competitions. Obi was really into it, and Han was just hanging out.

Then there was a bit of time for the kids to visit at their tables before the food came. After they had eaten, our wonderful Applebee's hostesses set up a ice cream sundae bar and each child got to wear a paper hat and plastic gloves and make their own sundae. This was a big hit!

When we left, each child had been given a coupon for free ice cream for a year (even if they didn't win their contest) and a coupon for a free kids meal. The ladies there were so nice and outgoing, they really made this a wonderful experience and a great last day of school!


  1. Sounds like a fun field trip...and nice pictures. A good way to end the school year.


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