Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Worship Dance Performance

Leia loves to dance. She took a ballet class when she was four, but she was mostly interested in being with her friend Anna. So, we quit after Christmas. In January of this past year, Leia started taking worship dance lessons. This school is a ministry and the focus is on dancing to worship the Lord. It is a wonderful class. They are very interested in modesty, and the price is very affordable. The recital at the end required only that we had a white shirt, tights and ballet shoes for Leia to wear. They provided the rest of the costume.

Leia has LOVED this class. They have a Bible study during the class as well. The theme for this past semester class was the Bible: It is a book that is made up of many stories that all tell His story. Leia's class danced to the story of Joseph. There was a concert at the end of the semester and it was really amazing. Both Leia and I both were moved to tears by some of the dances. Truly wonderful. Here are a few pictures of Leia.

And Leia, after the performance with her flowers from us. She was absolutely thrilled to get the flowers.

Padme didn't want to take the class this past time, but she can't wait until next time. I also can't wait for her to get to dance also! Those little girls are so cute!


  1. Leia looks beautiful in her costume. It sounds like a great ministry. My daughter's danced for years and while the teacher tried to accomodate us, modesty in the costumes was always an issue. The girls had a good time but we were always concerned that the music was not what we would normally allow our girls to listen to...it didn't worship the Lord at all...and isn't that what music is about? Finally, my husband was laid off a few years ago and in an effort to save as much money as possible we dropped out. The girls never missed it. After my husband was back at work they never mentioned it so we never joined up again. My 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter would love to take dance again but I hesitate for all the reasons I mentioned. We would love to have something like this in our area. Perhaps you have some video of her number you would like to post for all of us??

  2. What a wonderful opportunity! I would like to see something like this. I agree with Chili Pepper, a video would be cool!



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