Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leia's birthday in pictures

All birthdays at our house start with breakfast in bed. Actually, breakfast is brought to the birthday person in bed, but they always chose to come eat at the table with the family. The birthday person gets to pick what they want for breakfast and dinner. For some of the children, they think long and hard about what they want to eat, especially for breakfast. Leia always wants something sweet! Here she is receiving her breakfast of a pink donut with pink sprinkles and a princess cup of milk. She was thrilled.

After dinner the party began. Here is Leia with her party gear.

And her very eager sister, ready to see the presents.

And even the baby wore a party hat, for a bit.

Her first present was a Little Pet Shop house for all her Little Pets. She gets up every morning and feeds, waters, and grooms her little pets, and puts them all to bed at night. Now they have real beds to sleep in instead of the Kleenex ones they had before.

This Princess Castle book is from her Nana and Papa. She is very excited about it.

This is her pony in a purse. Her name is Daney.

And her new, pink and purple bike. When Han brought it in, Padme was so excited that she was screaming.
And her cake had to be pink with a horse. She loved it.

Leia with all her party goer siblings.

After cake and homemade ice cream, another family tradition, we went outside and hubby and Leia practiced on her new bike. Her old bike has training wheels, so she needs to learn to ride without them. She had one accident, with blood and tears, and got cleaned up and was back at it. She will have this mastered soon.

We went to Denver on Saturday to celebrate her birthday instead of having a birthday party with friends. Our kids had never been on rides before, so it was a big deal. Here are a few pictures of the kids. Everyone had a blast.

Luke and Leia on the Ferris Wheel.

Leia and Padme on the boats.

Padme in a semi truck.

And picture proof of Yoda sleeping in the stroller. The first time he has slept in there. Have I mentioned that he is a terrible sleeper? And doesn't sleep anywhere very well or very long? Well, he actually took a nap in the stroller. I was praising the Lord!

Leia's favorite ride was a roller coaster she went on with Daddy. She loved it, although it scared her a bit. The boys went on water rides about 20 times and were soaking wet. Obi was wearing shoes and socks, so his feet were wet for most of the day. When we left, he took off his socks and here are his very wrinkled feet!

And finally home, exhausted, but after a wonderful day.

Leia's 8th birthday was lots of fun and hopefully made many good memories for all of us.


  1. I am glad she had such a special birthday. Birthday's are a super big deal in our house, too...and also have a lot to do with food.

    Those wrinkled toes made me shiver...kids don't notice, though, do they???

    I like to do buggy training with our babies to get them used to sleeping in there before we go somewhere and we end up with an unnapped cranky baby all day. I am glad he decided to sleep for you. It is no fun for the rest of the family if they decide to fight it.

    Was that a carnival or a theme park you all went to visit? My family likes to do that...I mean go somewhere or do something instead of having a birthday party.

    We are in the height of carnival season which is a very big deal in our commnity because of all the volunteer fire departments. We haven't been to one yet...too rainy...but we usually visit at least one a week during the summer months to show our support. The kids love the rides and the hubby loves the junk food. How can you lose?

  2. I love her pink room!!! Too cute! My little sister has a room done all in purple, and we call it the Princess Room.


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