Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Dedication and some Water Fun

Last week, before our company arrived, Yoda was very fussy and up crying in the night. I took him to the doctor and he has another ear infection. He was 12 days away from getting tubes in his ears so he wouldn't get ear infections!!! So, he will have 10 days of antibiotics, and then get tubes 2 days later. I can't wait!

This past Sunday, we had Yoda dedicated to the Lord. I usually get very nervous before we have a baby dedicated, worrying that they will cry or fuss or something while we are standing in front of the church. But, all the children behaved beautifully, so this time I decided to not worry about it. And Yoda fussed throughout the whole dedication. There were four families dedicating children, two of them had two children to dedicate. Yoda was squirming around, fussing, and wanting to get down. What a stinker! Hubby and I passed him back and forth, did the best we could, and as soon as the Pastor prayed for him, I took him and left, hoping that the other families would be able to hear the prayer for their children! And one of the kids was taking pictures, so we didn't get the best pictures. Here is one of the better ones. All the parents were reading a pledge to raise our children to honor and serve the Lord, and then the congregation read a pledge to support and pray for us.

My mom made a christening gown that all the other children have worn for their dedications. But with our move and searching for a church home, we didn't have Yoda dedicated in time for him to wear it. That makes me sad. And my parents have been present for all five of the other babies dedications, but they weren't able to be here. We were thrilled that it worked out for our friends to be here to visit us, and be present for the dedication. But, this dedication was very special the way it was performed. And the pastor sent Yoda a letter this week, telling him what the dedication was about and his prayer for him. It made me cry. So sweet and a nice keepsake for him.
Later in the afternoon, our company, minus the five older kids, who went to a Youth event at the YMCA, went downtown for a walk along the river. The kids played in these fountains and got soaking wet, and had a great time!
Our friends 17 month old toddler loved the water. He was actually crazy about it and got soaking wet!
The fountains would come on and then shut off. Here the kids are waiting for the water to come back on.
Yoda played a little in a smaller hose. He loved the water, but the fountains were too much for him.

All the kids after the water fun.

The next day we went to Bishop's Castle, which is a castle that a man named Jim Bishop has built. It is truly amazing all the work he has done. The place is very unsafe, so it was a bit unnerving having all the children all up and down the castle checking it out.

Here are all the children, plus my friend, on one of the staircases.

Here are the girls on a very large chair at the castle.

A picture of our friends. We didn't get any pictures of our family. I am not very good at that!

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  1. That looks like quite a gang on the steps there!

    I am sure you missed your family at the dedication. I know I would have. When my girlfriend baptized her son he was too big to fit the family heirloom gown. She brought it and draped it over him. I thought that was a nice way to make it part of the ceremony.



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