Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Company is coming and school planning

We are beyond excited that one of our favorite families from our hometown is coming to visit us this weekend. They have six children also, five boys and one girl. Our first company in our new city. And God has worked it out that they will be here for Yoda's baby dedication. Isn't he good?

In the midst of sorting, organizing, planning and cleaning for school to begin, we are planning for our company. I am trying to have our house all super organized, clean, and ready to go to give us a good start for the school year. I have been reading Steve and Teri Maxwell's book Managers of Their Homes. I have heard about this book for years, but never thought it would be something that I would actually use. Too much scheduling usually scares me off. But I have been praying about our upcoming school year and how I would be able to spend adequate time with each of the children and get done each day what I feel we should. A friend loaned me the book, mostly because the Maxwell's are going to be in the area in September and I am hoping we can go to the conference. I started reading the book and it really spoke to me. So, I have made all the lists, made a master list, and we are going to try it this fall. I am excited about it. The kids are worried....

I am really changing how we do some of our chores, also, to go with the new schedule. I am excited to see if it improves our day. I still have more curriculum to order, and then we should be ready to start. I have also been praying about our activities for the school year. What a blessing that there are so many good things to chose from. How hard it is to pass up activities that sound so good. But, if we are homeschooling, we had better be home most of the time. It really makes me laugh when people ask about socialization. They should really be asking if we don't socialize too much and don't get our school work done! Not that that would ever be true of us.....

I will post our curriculum and activities as soon as I get it all firmed up. For now, it is back to the basement for me!


  1. Amy,

    I love having house guests. How fun this will be for you!

    I am like you, in that I have to clean and organize everything before we start school for the year. I like to have lists made and everything ordered before we leave on vacation.

    I don't like to keep a schedule so much as a routine. If I make a schedule, I drive everyone crazy trying to stick to it.

    I am going to check out this book though. Someone else recently mentioned how much they like it. I get a real kick out of reading this sort of thing.

    Thanks for letting me hang out here a while.


  2. My friend,

    I have most of the Maxwell books including Managers of Their Schools. You may borrow.


  3. Amy,

    Please stop by my blog today and pick up a special treat.

    Happy Sunday!


  4. Amy,

    You must be really busy. I've not seen you in a long while! I hope you are enjoying your company and that Yoda's dedication went just as you hoped.

    I am really excited to be hosting a country fair blog style. Please stop by and check it out and consider entering something. Maybe your kids would like to also.


  5. Amy,

    I read you about the catching up and needing to get things done! I won't be able to visit much except on weekends for most of the fall but I will be thinking about you and catching up when I have some down time.

    I wrote a post all about my classes for tomorrow. Be sure to check it out because I think they are something you would be interested in.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for the fair. I know you have something, you just don't realize it. Baking? Flower arranging? Painting? Canning? There is something...

    I need to get to studying. I haven't finished my home work yet...



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