Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am Sick of Sickness!

Where has September gone? It started with Yoda getting tubes in his ears for chronic ear infections. Six to be exact. The week after the tubes were in, he got a full blown cold. His first one, actually. HE was miserable, but his ears were fine. Praise the Lord. He was better for a week, then he got another full blown cold, and shared with Padme. They were both miserable. All the while we had started school, and all of our activities. It seems a sleep deprived blur.

Finally October arrives and I am thinking of smoother sailing, or getting into a normal routine, at least. Not meant to be. Both of the older boys have influenza. They are quarantined to the basement. I feel bad for them, feeling poorly, alone down there. But they really don't care; all they want to do is sleep. I am making them eat and drink. Which tells me that they feel terrible. Not your usual teenage boy behavior. I am praying that the little people upstairs do not catch this. I am praying for good health for us all. So we can get back to normal, WHATEVER THAT IS!!!

The funny thing is, I totally expected this to happen last year. We moved to a new state with a different climate. Two of the kids have allergies and asthma and I figured the first year would be our sick year. Other than Yoda's ears, and a few colds and coughs here, it wasn't a bad year. So, I was unprepared for this to hit this year. But it seems that people everywhere are being hit with the crud. Our book club and our Bible Study are both cancelled for this week, due to illness in the family of the hosts. Maybe it hitting early like this will make for a better fall and winter with better health. I am certainly praying that is the case.


  1. Just wanted you to know that you're not writing out to thin air, like I often think with my blog :) I enjoy reading all about your family. I'm praying for wellness. Annoint your children with oil and read to them from the Gospels. After all, it says that when people heard Jesus they were healed. Also think about having communion as a family in your home often - when we take the bread and cup, it reminds us of how Jesus took on all of our infirmities on the cross. Pray for healing as you do. I'm praying for a canopy of wholeness and health to be over all of you. I miss you SO much!

  2. Thank you Kelly! Good to hear from you! And thank you for the comments.Sometimes it seems like you are writing to thin air! Comments keep me encouraged.

    I will have to come check out your blog. We miss home. Thank you for the prayers!

  3. We did our three week spell with the swine flu. I am grateful it is over and done with and even though we lost the month of October, at least we know we won't get it now! I hope the rest of your family stayed well.


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