Monday, January 11, 2010

90 Day Challenge Check In

I am really enjoying reading the Bible quickly like we are for the Challenge. I have a few things that really jumped out at me this time. These are from the past 10 days of readings.

Lot- really his only good quality is that Abraham loved him and prayed for him. He may have been a righteous man, but he didn't have any kind of influence in his community, or his family. His wife died leaving the city, and his girls both got him drunk in order to have children by him.
Also, I think it was good that he offered to protect the three visitors from his neighbors, but he offered his daughters instead. I realize it was a different time, but still..... I can't get over that one.

In Leviticus 18 where it lists all the people not to have sexual relations, it mentions both your sister, and your daughter-in-law. I thought this was interesting because in Jesus' lineage, both of these later forbidden relationships are represented. Abraham and Sarah were brother and sister, and Judah had a child by his daughter-in-law.

In Exodus 24:9-10,Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu see God with Moses and Aaron and 70 leaders of the people, and in Leviticus 10 they are struck dead with fire for disobeying God. And they are killed shortly after being ordained as priests!

The priests must have had cheat sheets to get all the particulars right for the different sacrifices!

The priestly garments sound beautiful and very fancy, but they are sprinkled with blood to ordain them, and then with all the sacrificing they do, they must have gotten quite bloody. I never thought of them as covered in blood. Really between the sacrificing, the inspecting of skin eruptions, and inspecting fungus in people's houses, I wonder how they had time to do anything else.

My two oldest boys are reading along with me and we are having interesting discussions. It is great that we are all reading the same chapters at the same time. My hubby is not a reader, and it was too much, too fast for his taste. He is reading, but will probably take a year to finish. And Luke is reading the Bible in a year, which is a much better pace for him.

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  1. So glad you all are receiving blessings from your diligent work of studying His word.



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