Friday, January 22, 2010

A Flying Trip Home

We recently made a flying trip back home. We actually drove, but it was a quick trip. Hubby had to speak at a conference in our hometown, so the kids and I tagged along with him. We knew we didn't have time to see very many people, so we focused on my family and just a few favorite friends.

Our trip started out bright and early and both the youngest two started out this way.

Next to throwing balls, Yoda's favorite thing is drawing. We worked hard to keep him entertained for the 9 hour trip.
Our hotel had a pool and the kids did some swimming with cousins one night and friends the next. I got a new camera and am getting used to it. Needless to say, I didn't get very good pictures at the pool. Here is one of Padme enjoying the kiddie pool.

The two oldest boys with their friends in the hot tub.

Three very dear friends I was able to see and spend time with.

Leia with Yoda and his little buddy.
The kids with their favorite friends. They had so much fun and wanted to stay for longer!

At my sister's house, Yoda had fun playing ball with her big dog.

We got to spend time with my mom and dad.

Yoda making friends with Papa.
We played some Rummy, which is a card game I grew up playing, and now my kids like playing it, too.

All the cousins on the stairs, minus Padme. She was sick and stayed at the hotel with Hubby for this get together.
And before we knew it, our trip was over and we were back in our Suburban headed home. And the kids were conked out for at least part of the ride.


  1. Amy,

    How great that you all were able to get home. I am sure it was a real blessing and it looks like you all had some serious fun!



  2. Looks like a fun trip and about the same drive-time we had.

    Thanks for all your comments on my FIC series. I agree with you. We can make these decisions on an individual basis, program by program, activity by activity. I think the main thing is that we take the responsibility on ourselves, like you said, and see these other people/groups as assisting us. Too bad not everyone thinks like us, huh? And it is sad what you said about wanting two youth groups, but understandable. The wheat and tares will co-exist together in church as well as youth groups until Christ returns and separates us. I prefer the FIC model and using hospitality to socialize rather than dropping off our kids. But since we're not in a FIC, I've been brainstorming as to how we can best accomplish the same goals without completely throwing out SS. I like your suggestion about taking it one event at a time. That's probably very wise.


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