Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fun with Friends

On our end of summer trip back to our former city, we had lots of fun with some of our favourite friends. I didn't take enough pictures, but here are a few of the ones I did take.

This is Leia's favorite friend back home. She had a sleep over with us and the kids were all watching a movie together. Notice my girls can't take their eyes off the movie, even for a picture!

This little guy is Padme's buddy. They were playing with blocks in his yard. He is the 5th child in their family, just like Padme is in ours.

More playing with blocks

Yoda liked those blocks.

Padme goofing off
This is Yoda's future buddy. Right now they aren't the best of friends. They are both the 6th child in their families, and mostly they tattle on each other. Yoda calls him "Baby" and he calls Yoda "That Guy". It is funny to hear them tattle on each other. We are confident they will get to be good buddies as they get older, just like the rest of their siblings.
Next time I need to do a better job of taking pictures. I didn't get any with Luke and his friends and the oldest two boys mostly worked, so I didn't get any pictures of them either.


  1. I'm glad you got to go back for a visit! Old friends are the best!


  2. Hi, Amy.

    Just taking a few minutes to catch up on happenings with your family. I have not had time for visiting much since July but I think of you very often and wonder how you are doing. Our family is just finishing up Jotham, remember you recommended it last Christmas? I ordered it right away and everyone looked forward to reading it all year. We really enjoy it and might have to cheat and read the others now!

    Merry Christmas,



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