Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leia's New Hobby

This fall Leia and I have been taking a quilting class with a few other moms and daughters. It has been lots of fun and Leia loves it. The first project is a table runner. Leia's is a fall themed table runner and mine is for Christmas.

Here she is sewing away. She is a natural seamstress. I am so impressed with how well she has done.
Here she is with her table runner without the binding on.

The finished product! This picture is with her sewing teacher. She is a wonderful, Godly woman who has blessed us so much by these lessons.


  1. I didn't know where to reply to your question, I hope that this is o.k. :)

    Our biggest issue with SL for highschool is TIME. My kids didn't want to spend so much time on a subject that they weren't planning to major in. Especially with so many other subjects that they had to fit in, it just wasn't working for us. Another reason, the book selection was a bit darker, and my dd wasn't enjoying the books as much. So, we went with Notgrass and it allowed her more time to pursue her interests and history no longer took 5-7 hours on top of everything else.

    I hope this helps some. :)


    Lisa in Jax

  2. Wow!! I am sooo impressed! Sewing makes me break out in hives. ;-)

    I hope you have a great week!

  3. Wow! Impressive! I hate sewing lol!


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