Saturday, April 18, 2009

Better Late than Never, I hope!

I still haven't gotten our Easter pictures posted, or an update on our Lenten experience. It's been a crazy week! Hubby went back to work this past Monday after being off for two weeks for knee surgery and recovery. His knee is doing wonderful. I thought we would have a normal week and get back to business as usual, or school as usual. You know how that goes. Padme woke up Monday with a bad cold and cough and baby Yoda woke up Tuesday with a fever and feeling lousy. So much for our week! By Thursday both were starting to feel better, but Yoda still is fussy and not sleeping so well. Since he isn't the best sleeper to start with, this means he is really sleeping not much at all! Anyways, here are a few pictures of the kids with their Easter baskets, and a few others.

Here is baby Yoda on his first Easter. He wasn't that impressed with the bunny or his basket. He liked the eggs better. He is wearing the outfit that my oldest boy wore on his first Easter.

Here is Padme with her basket. She is holding a pink lamb if you can't tell.

And Leia with her basket and bunny.

Luke with his basket and his foam club. All three of the boys got these clubs, plus Daddy got one, for some male bonding, consisting of whacking the tar out of each other. They are loving them!
Here is Padme worried that the Brothers got all the good eggs on the egg hunt.
And a few pictures of the boys outside. Check out our snow for Easter. And no, they don't have any sense to not where shorts out in the snow.

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  1. My husband would love your kids nicknames! Our last name is Wachter and he tried to convince me that if our last baby was a boy we should call him Luke Skye Wachter. Ha! Our kids have toy light sabers and love to battle it out. Furthermore, no one under 20 something has the common sense not to wear shorts in the snow or in the case of my kids shoes in the snow. Your family is beautiful and I look forward to reading more about them as time permits. Just so you know...we moved 7, almost 8, years ago and have yet to find normal. I think you just redefine it after a time:)


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