Saturday, April 11, 2009


Oh, how we love to decorate eggs at Easter time! It is a big event. We like to try lots of different decorating kits out and see what works the best and makes the best looking eggs. This started with my parents when I was a kid. I have fond memories of decorating eggs with my brothers and my sister, and my parents. I especially remember my dad making these swirly looking eggs, and ones he drew on with crayons before dying to make goofy pictures or funny sayings.

We continued that tradition on with our own kids. For Han's first Easter 16 Easters ago, he even got to decorate his first egg, and he was only 7 months old! We have always decorated eggs with my parents, Nana and Papa, until this year. We missed them. Sniff, sniff..... But, we continued the tradition in our new home, in our new state, and with our new baby dunking his first egg. He liked it and we loved watching him.

Everyone has their own favorite technique and style. Han likes to dunk them and tried some egg tattoos this year. And he started an egg in the mouth trick with some prodding of his father. Hmm....

Obi is our artist and he likes to paint his eggs. He is slow and methodical and makes lovely creations.

Luke just likes to decorate eggs!

Leia likes to paint and stamp. She had some trouble stamping the eggs too hard and breaking the shells.

Padme just likes to paint and paint and paint....
Yoda dunked his first egg. He really liked the dye/water. And the eggs. So much fun!


  1. Oh my goodness how cute is that baby. I can't beleive it. Soooo photogenic. Between the weather and dh getting his toe amputated friday my heart was not in it this year and we skipped the whole thing. Well the egg part. I even missed the hunt the church put on because I didn't want to leave hubs the day after his surgery.
    Now I wish I had done it. Your pics came out so great. It sure looks like you had such a great time. Very fun activity. We are doing errands today and stopping at the new library(well reopened anyway) around 1 ish. Mabey we will see you there????? I hope so. One of these days we need to get together minus Awana and all the crazy excitment that surrounds that.


  2. You are so amazing! I never would have let my babies play in the egg dye because I never would have wanted to clean it up. Good for you for being a fun mom...even if it did mean more work for you! Great shots. I love the expression on the babies face. I can't tell you how much some of the other photos made me think of my own family. Esp. the one with the egg in the mouth. Oh, yeah. We'd do that.


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