Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Princess

Leia and I went to the Read with Me Mommy book club earlier in the week. The book this month was A Little Princess. Leia loved this book. I liked it also, but it was a little bit sad in places, and even made me cry! We had seen the Shirley Temple movie of A Little Princess, and it has a happier ending. But it is a good lesson in how to treat people regardless of their or you own circumstances in life.

At the meeting there was a discussion of the book, followed by snack time, where Leia ate two cupcakes, just to get the butterfly and flower rings that were the decorations. She is wearing the rings in the picture. For the craft they decorated a headband, which she is also wearing. Then the girls all played, which is perhaps the best time of all. She is having so much fun reading the books with me and going to the meetings. What a great idea this little club was!

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