Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Here are the boys ready to leave for Elitch's. Notice that younger brother is now taller brother? Everyone except Han, of course, was very excited about that, for Obi's sake. Obi has grown four inches since Jan. He is hoping he isn't done. Han is hoping that he is.

We have a tradition of making homemade ice cream for the kids' birthdays. With birthdays a day apart, I try to do two different cakes for Han and Obi. This year I tried a homemade ice cream cake. I have thought about this for years. How simple it would be. Sounds simple. I put it in a springboard cake pan, and when I went to put it into the freezer, the spring part kicked in, and my runny ice cream started running all over. It was a bit horrifying. Leia helped me, we salvaged as much as we could, slopped it into a real cake pan, added more of all the ingredients, and into the freezer it went. The boys all declared it the best ice cream cake ever. But it was too ugly for a picture. Here is a picture of Han eating it, though.

Here is Obi with the second cake. However, I put their real names on the cake, so Obi is covering up the names with his hand. But is was such a good picture of Obi, I had to include it.

Obi with his new MP3 player. The boys like to listen to some music on them, but use them primarily to listen to books on tape.

Han, with his very interested helpers, with a Redwall book on CD.

Han is a huge John Wayne fan. My parents gave him this book after he has about worn out theirs whenever he is at their house.

His new dart board

Obi's compound bow. He is demonstrating his shooting form.

I took the boys to a local musical production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. The boys knew 7 or 8 homeschoolers in it, so we thought it would be fun to go. It was a fabulous production and we were so impressed with all the performers. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed the show.

Overall, the boys had two very nice days and made good memories of their birthdays. We are very thankful for both of them and the joy they bring to us. Thank you Lord, for blessing us with them.


  1. How sweet!
    Happy B-day to both boys! How tall is N anyway???

  2. My husband and our oldest son have birthdays two days apart. I try to keep them both special. It is always a challenge especially since they are right after Christmas.

    Joseph is one of my favorite musicals. How fun for you to have a special night out with your young men.

    My 13 year old is a head above her 17 year old sister. It is so funny to watch them because strangers always assume Brianna is the oldest. We tease them both all the time.

    And what a mess with the ice cream! I would have given up right there and then. Although, I do LOVE home made ice cream

    Happy birthday to your fellows!

  3. You know we might need to keep this height thing in mind down the road in a few years...laughing out loud!

  4. Thank you so much for your encouraging words on my blog. I'm a bit nervous because it's the first time I've gone 'public' with my new understanding of Scripture and convictions. My IRL may not take it well. Anyway... thanks!

    (Changing topic)
    My kids LOVE Redwall books! Just love them.

    It looks like your boys had great birthdays!

  5. My youngest son is taller than his older brother. Just happens sometimes, lol!

    Looks like he had a fun birthday. It still amazes me every time my kids get a year older. The years just fly by it seems.

    I am a homeschooler too. I am only doing one now as my oldest is in college.

    ~ Nan

  6. Amy,

    I had to laugh at what you said about crying in church. Yep, it goes right down the line. Nothing is discreet when you have a large family.

    This Sunday I slept in and just had coffee before church. By the time the preaching started I was light headed and clamy because my glucose had dropped too low. My husband knows what signs to look for and caught the problem before I even did (I was fanning the life out of myself and it wasn't warm at all) so he dug in the babies bag and started feeding me raisins. Well, once the kids saw me eating raisins in church they knew what was up and as you say...right down the line. In the middle of preaching each one asking the next if Mama was OK. We have a very small church (about 100) so by the time it went up and down our row 7 times the entire church knew what was up...of course by then i was feeling better and it wasn't even such a big deal except that now it seemed like a huge deal because now everyone knows about it...nothing is discreet but boy do we feel loved, eh?

  7. Fun, having birthdays a day apart. We have two times during the year when we have a birthday nearly each week, but none that are a mere day apart! It looks like they enjoy each other.


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