Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday, Obi Wan

Happy 14th Birthday, Obi.
When I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2, I realized that the babies due dates were only 2 days apart. I started praying that Han would have a little brother, and that Han would have his second birthday before the baby was born. God answered both of my prayers. I went into labor about 2 am after Han's birthday.

So their birthdays are two years and one day apart. And I also wanted them to have their own birthdays. Not just combine them for convenience. So, we used to have separate birthday parties for them. Then as they got older, we started having two combined birthday days. So, a family party for both of them on one day, a friend party on the other day. It has worked well.

This year they spent Han's birthday at Elitch's water park with their dad and a friend, and we will spend Obi's together as a family, and I am taking the two boys to a play tonight that some of their friends are in. We have never split up for birthdays before, but this year, with two teenagers and a baby, and three others in between,it seemed like the best way for them to have fun, and not be limited in what we could do because of the baby.

Obi has been a wonderful teenager. We are proud of the young man he is becoming. Happy Birthday, Obi. Hope you have a great day, and a wonderful year!
We love you!



    Amy, you have beautiful children!

  2. Such a beautiful way to celebrate your children! You splashed me today ... going to hug my two right now.

    Hugs from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  3. Wow how they grow. You have such a wonderful family. I hope that both boys had great birthday's.

  4. Thanks for stopping by & reading about letterboxing.

    I have never done geocach, but I'm sure it's more about using the GPS which would involve more driving I would think. It's praobably just as fun.

    My son just turned 14 on July 1st. He's a good kid too.

    I hope you all find great friends, a church and fun activities to do in your new town.

    My friend goes through the same thing everytime they move. Her husband retired from the military now so they have found a home to stay in for as long as they want.

    More later,
    Nannette from Life:be-in-it

  5. Amy,

    My two older boys are 15 months apart. Than's birthday is in January and Aedan's is in April. Since they have all the same friends we found they enjoy doing a combined party closer to Aedan's birthday when the weather is more tolerable for being outside. This year we tried to have a birthday party for Than and had to reschedule so many times due to the flu and various sickness going around church and our family that it ended up being April anyway.

    We always have a party with the extended family which the kids are never particularly thrilled about but it is really expected. We used to do it on their birthdays but the kids preferred to do "something" and if we had the family in then we never really had time to do anything.

    Brianna's birthday is coming up in August and she asked me if she has to have a birthday. My husband insists because the grandparents would be upset if we didn't. But they always turn it into a gift giving fest and the kids, especially the older ones, just don't care for that. Oh, I guess I should explain. That sounds really bad. Not that the kids don't love when their grandparents come over. Just that they bring boatloads of gifts that they want or need even though they ask them to just come for dessert. And then they try to top each other.

    Is that ungrateful?


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