Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yoda's birthday in pictures

Yoda had a great birthday. Actually, he had a nice day, and his siblings had a great day, especially the younger ones. They have been so excited all day long. We are going to VBS this week, so here is a picture of him right before we were leaving the house this morning.

For dinner, he got his favorite spaghetti. This is the first picture we have gotten that show his top teeth coming in. They are not the middle teeth, but the ones next to the middle. Obi got his teeth in the same way. We called him Fang for awhile.

Yoda loved opening presents. He loves paper, so it was perfect for him.

Showing off his standing skills. I love how his toes are curled into the floor!

We have a tradition that our kids get their own first birthday cake to dig into how ever they want. Then we have another cake for the rest of the family. Here is Yoda with the family cake. He got a hold of it already! He grabbed Pooh's right hand just before this picture.

This is the cake he gets to dig into. He didn't know what to think of the candle.

He really liked the frosting.

He didn't like the feel of the cake on his hands as well as the frosting. He was digging in and then shaking his hands to get it off. Cake was flying!

And here, he was done. Off to the tub he went. I think he has done the best job of really digging into the cake of all of our kids. We had fun watching him.

Happy Birthday, Yoda! We love you!


  1. AWE! Happy Birthday, Yoda! Seeing the pics bring back memories of my son's first bday... he had two parties and insisted on using a fork. (at the 2nd party, it was Grandma who encouraged him to get his hands in the cake! lol) Thank you for sharing this special occasion!

  2. It looks like he had a great birthday, Amy! Did you cry? I always get teary on their first birthday. Did he actually eat the cake or just spread it around?

  3. GREAT pix!!!! Love the look on his face when he sees that cake coming towards him :)
    OH, he is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!
    Happy Birthday, Yoda!!!!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday. It's amazing how much he has grown in the past year. I love how you gave us a glimpse into his first year.
    Sorry I haven't done that award I got a bit distracted with our moving plans. I hope we get to see each other one more time before I leave.



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