Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gingerbread and Cookie Fun

We had some friends over to make gingerbread houses, out of graham crackers. The kids had lots of fun, ate lots of candy and frosting, and made good memories. Here are a few pictures of our day and the end results.

This is Obi's creation. He made a castle, but we didn't have enough candy for him to finish it completely.

Here is the king of the castle sitting on his throne.

Leia with her house
Luke with his house

Padme's creation
Yoda got to decorate cookies, also. Actually, he just ate the frosting. We thought this looked so funny with frosting dripping off his nose!
The girls cutting out the cookie dough.
Yoda loved the dough almost as much as the frosting. He loves to have some kind of tool to use to touch the dough.

He was so happy with himself

A little frosting, a little eating, a few sprinkles...
Luke is a good helper with the cookies
So are the girls!
A good time was had by all, and the cookies were delicious!


  1. Looks great! What fun & super cute finished products.

  2. I love Christmas baking. We made gingerbread houses like this one year. It was the best. We had so much fun. I am always amazed at how creative kids can be... especially if you toss in a little sugar. Super cute king, by the way.

  3. What an awesome gingerbread house!!

    Two years ago my youngest put a "football field" on one side of the roof, with gumdrop football players. Not until he started adding goal posts did I realize what he was doing. :-)


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