Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Fun

I am still working on Christmas pictures and not ready for the New Year! Here are a few pictures from a few parties we went to in December.

The girls and I went to a Christmas Tea for our Read With Me, Mommy book club. It was decorated so nicely, with tea cups and plates at each place. And I didn't take any pictures of it! But here is a picture of Padme looking at a book one of the moms read to the group. The book was Annika's Wish, and it was very sweet and made everyone teary eyed. Padme loves books, and was sitting so she could see all the pictures.

The hostess brought all kinds of hats for the girls to wear. Here is Padme with her hat.

And Leia with hers. I love these pictures of the girls!

Our entire family went to a Four Eves Before Christmas party. It was hosted by two teens and most of the home school families with teens were invited. It was lots of fun. There was a potluck with pictures and dancing afterward. I think our two youngest had the most fun dancing of everyone. I am not posting pictures of the oldest two, at their request, but they even got some dancing lessons and had fun. Padme and Yoda were so funny and I took lots of pictures of them, even though they didn't all turn out that great.
Yoda took a fancy to this little boy and spent a lot of time following him around.
Padme loved dancing. Not sure what they are exactly doing here, but here she is.

Padme and Yoda had fun dancing together.

It was a fun night, and when it was time to leave, the teens were ready to go, but the little people wanted to stay longer.


  1. Oh my goodness have you been busy or have I been away from your blog that long? I love all the pictures. The girls are soo cute with their hats. Yoda is adorable in those cookie dough pictures. I adore the post to Nana with padme in the box. It's funny I have a similar picture except mine is a laundry hamper, lol. Kids are funny.
    It looks like you all had a fabulous christmas. We miss everyone from down there, which is wierd because it never felt like home but I loved the hs group. I know you understand that. I hope that the new year has wonderful memories for you and that you guys will feel more like you belong.


  2. I am wondering what a "four eves before Christmas party" is. I have never heard of that. I am most impressed by your tea hostess to think of bringing hats for all the girls. We collect hats and have hosted many a tea, but I have never thought to lend them to our guests. You can bet I will be using that idea next time.



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