Sunday, December 6, 2009

Visit With Nana

My mom came to visit for a week. While she was here, both girls danced in a Worship Dance concert, Luke had a birthday and we celebrated Thanksgiving. She was here for a week, and the only days everyone was healthy were the three days of events. Hubby, my mom, four of the kids and myself all got a stomach bug while she was here. Talk about a bad trip for her! But at least she got to come and see our new city, our house, and a bit of our new lives here.

Here is a picture of Nana with all the kids. Yoda is a bit of a stinker when it comes to people. He likes to flirt from a distance, but doesn't like people outside our immediate family to touch him or hold him. When we were home this summer for two weeks, he would not let my mom hold him. So this trip, I really wanted my mom to be able to hold him, and I wanted a picture of it.

Here Nana is making progress by looking at books with Padme and Yoda. They both love to "Read" books.He was pretty interested in what she was doing here. He likes to be in the thick of whatever is going on.Blogger won't let me move the pictures around, so sorry for the strange order! Here they are reading books, again.

A quick hold- Not sure how he was going to react.

And finally, a good picture and a smile!

We had a nice visit, when we were healthy, and we did get to have a modified Thanksgiving dinner. I had plans for the kids to do a lot of crafts and baking crafts with Nana while she was here, but sickness changed all of that. We were all very disappointed by that, but glad that we at least got to see her. It was nice to have some family here to see where we live. We have been very lonely here without any family for the past year.


  1. I need a tissue. That was so beautiful. I love the way you showed some of the process. It's funny I know what you mean about touching. Grandparents are understanding but it still hurts their feelings even though it may have absolutley nothing to do with them. Its all in the familiar. Conner hardly ever let anyone hold him other then me. Even his dad, seriously there was a time conner was very much a mama's boy. LOL.

    Really I got very misty and I am so glad you got those pictures. I know they will mean so very much to you and to him in years to come. Gesh now you got me being all soppy. lol.

    Missing you guys down here, but not the weather. P.S. How is CBS? I really wanted to do that study.

  2. How awful that you all ended up sick! No fun at all. Unfortunately, we can relate to times like that. Fortunately, we are holding our own right now.

    Your Yoda is getting so big! I love his hair. Reminds me of my Aedan.

    It was a blessing to have your mom, no doubt, despite the misfortune. It is funny about boys. My girls were always outgoing and my boys were always super shy with the grandparents even until they were about two. Until then they would cry everytime my dad would come near them but after two or so they love my dad. They love rough housing and they can not get enough of him.

    Good night to you!



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