Monday, December 28, 2009

A Post for Nana

This post is for my mom to see the kids with the gifts she sent. So, read if you want, but this is directed at her!

Padme took the box you sent the gifts in, made herself a bed, and took her nap in it! It was so cute, and I didn't get the best pictures. Here she is all curled up. She is sitting on a pillow for cushioning.

Here is a top picture. You can't see if very well, but she has her angel ornament tucked into a small stocking and it is laying on her lap. Right where the glare from the window is. Sorry about that!

Here are the kids with their ornaments.

Leia opening the bracelet with her apron on her lap. She got cat ears and a tail that she is wearing, with a bow on her neck.

Padme wearing her apron and opening the bracelet.
Han has been practicing his knots. Fortunately the cords aren't long enough to tie up a sibling!

1 comment:

  1. Amy,

    She looks so cute curled up in her little box. That is exactly where I would find my kids, too.

    Glad you all had a happy Christmas.




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