Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 Years Ago Tonight

15 years ago tonight we welcomed our second son into our family. We thought he was so beautiful with all that hair.

Han became a big brother.

Han loved his baby brother. He was very protective of him. If anyone held Obi, he would cry until they gave him back to us. When Obi was in his car seat, Han would lean over Obi with his body so people couldn't see him. He wasn't jealous, just always wanting to protect his baby. Everywhere we went, Han would say, "Let's take the baby!" Which meant that when we went to a different room, including the bathroom, we had to take the baby with us!

Obi loved his big brother. When he got old enough to talk, the first thing he said every morning is, "Where's Han?"

We are thankful for Obi and his life in our family. He keeps us laughing and wondering what he will do next!


  1. Hey Amy,

    I gave you a silly blog award. Check it out when you have time.


  2. Oh, I was looking through someof your posts. Three kids had birthdays in July & Aug?

    The pictures and your stories are so sweet. I also love the Copy Cat pictures. That is just adorable.

    Now I bet UR glad you have a quiver full of kiddos.

    God bless all of you.

  3. Wow, the busy birthday months for you, huh? ;-)

    Congrats on 17 years of being a mama.

    I love the ultimate frisbee team!!


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