Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Before we moved to Colorado, our boys had never heard of Ultimate Frisbee. The first time they were invited to play, I was completely surprised at how much fun they had. It has become their favorite past time and our weekly schedule usually centers around them playing several times. Some friends started an official league and both of the older boys are on a team called Ultimatum. Obi is the captain and they put this team together to play in the league. They are currently undefeated and heading for the semifinals next week.

I still don't understand all the rules, but we have lots of fun watching them play. The little girls and a couple of other little siblings call the team Ultamato and we have lots of fun listening to them yell "Go Ultamato!" at the games.

Their team color is orange and they have taken to painting their faces before games as well as wearing as much orange as they can. Here is their team picture.

And a picture of them roaring.

Obi just prior to catching the Frisbee during a recent game.

This picture of Obi in air reaching for the Frisbee just cracks me up. It shows that Ultimate can be a bit of a physical game and explains some of the injuries that have occurred. And the two players to Obi's left are both girls, who play hard and don't back down.

Han Solo, Ultimate Frisbee Warrior

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