Friday, April 9, 2010

Family Favorites Friday: April Fools

Grateful for Grace hosts a blog carnival on Fridays for sharing your favorite stories. Check out her site for her stories. She is a great story teller and has a very funny family supplying her with great material.

In honor of April Fool's Day last week, I am going to share two stories today. I am terrible at April Fool's jokes. I can never think up anything good, and I can't ever pull it off. Except for two years jokes just fell into my lap and they were both played on my hubby. And he doesn't think they are as funny as the kids and I do!

One year we had received a letter from the city regarding them changing the water pressure in our water lines. We were given a check for $100 and told to hire a plumber to install a water pressure device that would protect our house. Well, the way it worked out, the plumber came to our house to install it on April 1st. The work was done, I paid the bill, and Han and I started thinking about it. I called Hubby and told him that the plumber had come, but that he had charged us $300 instead. I told him he explained it all to me, but I didn't understand, and would he like to talk to the plumber? My hubby was more than a little upset and wanted to speak to the plumber. I handed the phone to Han who said in his deepest voice, "Hello?" My hubby started to ask him some questions and Han said, "April Fools, Dad!" And the rest of the kids and I laughed and laughed. And Hubby didn't think it was all that funny, he was just very relieved that it was a joke.

The next year we ended up going to look at a puppy on April 1st. Our family dog had died 1 1/2 years before and we hadn't been ready to get another one. The time seemed right, and we had found a lady who had a litter of pups I was interested in. We had planned on going the week before to see the pups with Hubby, but the kids had gotten sick. So it was Sat, and Hubby was working at the local Home Show. I told him I would take the kids and we would just go look at the pups and see if we wanted one. He knew that we would come home with one, but I kept telling him we would just look and see. So the five kids and I drove 45 minutes to a nearby town and saw the puppies. And of course we got one. The man tried to make me an offer of 2 for a reduced price, but I laughed and said my husband would kill me, we would just take one.

So we headed back to our city and I called my Hubby on the phone, while he was working at the Home Show. And while I was talking to him, it just hit me and I said, "Hey, the guy gave us a great price and so we got two of them." Silence on the other end. Then he said, "You are joking." And I said, "No, it was a great deal and I couldn't turn it down, and they are really cute!" Again, silence, and then he says, "I have to go, I will talk to you later" and hangs up. I was laughing and laughing and called him back. All I said was, "Do you know what today is???" And he had to think for a minute and then he said, "So you didn't get two puppies?" And I said, "No, just one. April Fools!" Once again, he didn't think it was that funny, but the kids and I laughed about it a lot.

So those are my only April Fools tricks to date, and poor Hubby is the only one who doesn't think they are very funny. But the kids and I get to talking about them, and laughing, and remembering how funny we all thought they were!


  1. Oh, both of those really just begged to be gags on your hubby!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. How funny. I too can't play the practical joker. The hubs is way better then me at it.

  3. I am not clever at such things, either. One year the kids decided they were going to get Pa, though. They googled it and for weeks planned all sorts of pranks on him. He didn't think it was as amusing as us, either... but he did decide to join in the fun after that.


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