Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy Hair Night at Awanas

Last week Awana had Crazy Hair Night. Here are the girls with some crazy hair. In the past we have bought some fun colored hair spray, but they moved the week up by a week and I wasn't ready. Maybe next year. I have no idea what is the deal with Padme's teeth in this picture!

The look is multiple, random ponytails. It was all I could come up with.

She loved it!

Leia is sporting s very similar look.

We will plan ahead better for next year and try something new. The girls had a fun night!


  1. What, no blue hair color? Your girls' crazy hair looks about like Twinkle Toes until she brushes it 100 times. That girl was born with crazy hair!

  2. lol. Those are so cute and I might have been hard pressed to come up with something with no prep time...That was a fun night for my boys. We sure missed it this year


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