Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Trouble with Obi

Obi Wan can take wonderful pictures. He is very photogenic and has a beautiful and expensive smile. The trouble with him is that he loves to goof off and take crazy pictures. A few of the pictures below he took of himself. Anytime I want to get a picture of him I end up taking goofy pictures first and then getting one or possibly two good ones.

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  1. Spurred on by their cousin, my oldest two girls went through a faze where every picture had them making a goofy face. After a year I was working on my scrapbook and could not find one picture that did not have a goofy expression. I started threatening them if they didn't give me a good smile. ☺ They did and now I can not believe that they are all grown up and always trying to look their best for pictures... how fast those sweet times go!


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