Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Week

Holy Week is here and I find myself feeling unprepared this year, mostly I think because of my 90 Day Bible Reading that ended this week. In the past we have done a variety of things to get ready to celebrate Easter. Last year we observed our version of Lent. We ended Easter at church where there wasn't a single Easter song sang, and it ended up not even feeling like Easter! For me, Easter really feels like Easter at church when we sing the glad songs and hear the message that Jesus is alive! It is the one holiday that you prepare for at home but truly celebrate at church.

This year we are celebrating with what have become our Holy Week traditions, with a few new things added. I love history and chronological history is my favorite. So we start the week off reading about Joseph and his family and how the Israelites end up in Egypt. Then we move to Moses and the Exodus and the celebration of Passover as to how the Israelites got out of Egypt. Then we progress to Jesus' last week with Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, and Jesus' final days. We have several movies we watch as we go and favorite books we read. A few years ago I discovered the book Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse. We are re-reading it this year and enjoying it tremendously. Another favorite is the That the World May Know video series Faith Lesson on the Death and Resurrection of the Messiah. We love this series and have watched this lesson every Easter for the past 4 or 5 years.

We will decorate eggs on Saturday and Sunday the children all get Easter baskets before we go to church. Easter is truly a day to be looked forward to and celebrated. As a Christian, Easter is the best day of the year!


  1. AMEN to that!!!
    I, too, look forward to those 'special' Easter songs at church!
    At my Bible study on Tues. we watched a video of a messianic jew who explained all the symbolism of the passover 'meal.' i'd heard it before, but since we just finished studying Joseph in church and our current study is all tied in, it meant more to me this time.
    I'll have to check out the books you mentioned. My mom arrives today and we have a few ATL things planned, but mostly fun stay-at-home-type stuff.
    Have a wonderful Easter! Miss you guys!

  2. Amen and amen!! May He permeate your celebrations!

  3. I couldn't agree more! We also had a Passover dinner this year and it was a wonderful way for the children to start focusing on Jesus steps leading up to the cross.

    Praising our Risen saviour with you today,



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