Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Fun

We are part of small group that had an Easter egg hunt the week before Easter. Yoda loves balls and he thought the plastic eggs were balls. And he had a great time picking them up.

Imagine his surprise when he discovered that there was candy in those eggs! He really liked that part!

When it was time to dye our Easter eggs, Yoda was happy to have some eggs (balls) but he didn't like dunking them at first. In fact, he got a bit upset about it all.

He wanted it out of the dye and tried to give it to me...

I put it back in the dye, which he did not like at all!

Then he thought he should give it to Leia so he is handing it to her.

A bit later he decided that it was very fun to play in both the dye and the eggs.

And he had lots of fun!

Some pictures of the other kids with their egg dying adventures.

Easter afternoon we had an egg hunt in our backyard. Yoda was ready to find more eggs.

He was very worried about what Padme was finding across the yard.

And kept watching her instead of seeing eggs right in front of him!

And Padme was having her own trouble across the yard. Anyone see any eggs???

Overall, we had lots of fun with eggs this Easter!

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  1. Yoda is getting so big! It seems just like yesterday he was that baby in the highchair coloring Easter eggs. I can hardly believe a year has passed already!


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