Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Our October book for our Read With Me, Mommy book club was Island of the Blue Dolphins. When I first heard the title, I was a bit worried about the book for Leia. I had read this book to the boys in our school curriculum several years ago, and I wasn't sure if she would like the book. It is a bit of a sad book, with a girl living on an island alone, with a few animals for 18 years. The girl's brother dies at the beginning, which was also very sad. And Leia is very tender hearted.

Leia surprised me and really liked the book. She was sad at the end when the girl was rescued and wanted her to stay on her island instead of leaving it to go and be with people. That is exactly what her oldest brother thought of the book. I was glad the girl finally got to be with some people after living alone for so long!

The book is based on a true story, so at the club meeting, we discussed the real story, looked at the map to see where the island was located, and then the girls got mugs that they could decorate. And of course there were snacks.

Here is Leia with the book, a drawing she made of the front cover of the book, and the mug she decorated. She always has so much fun at these meetings. It is a very nice group of girls, and she looks forward to it all month.

Next month's book is the Boxcar Children. We love that book, so it should be lots of fun.

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  1. I think I have heard of this book but we have not read it. We love the Boxcar children. My kids like to go to the shed and pretend it is the Boxcar and they are the children. Samuel is Watch... since there aren't enough people to go around.


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