Friday, October 16, 2009

Our yard is mostly finished!

Our backyard fence has been completed for a while, but I kept forgetting to take pictures of it. We are so enjoying the kids being fenced in, stray dogs being fenced out, and the privacy that our fence provides for us. We did a combo of privacy fence along the road, with chain link looking back onto our property, so we can possible have critters or a volleyball court out there and see it through the chain link. We chain linked on the side by the garage, also for the visibility. We thought that would be safer with the little people.

This is looking straight back from the patio. You can see the chain link hooking up to the privacy fence on the right. Straight back is where we will develop the yard into either a volleyball court, or possibly for some chickens or goats, or Leia's hoped for horse. The chickens are the most likely addition!

This is to the left of the previous picture. The trampoline is in the corner of the yard.

This is the corner of the yard to the right of the trampoline.

And this is the left side of the patio by the garage.

This is the fourth time my hubby has put up a fence for our family. He is getting rather good at it, but it isn't his favorite thing to do. He says next time, we buy a house with the house, yard, and fence done! He is tired of projects!

I don't know how much landscaping we will do next year with plants and flowers. We spent 5 years working on our last place, and neither one of us seems to have the heart to throw ourselves into doing it again. I guess we will find out next year.


  1. Looks like you have lots of space for your kids to play. What a blessing!

  2. Looks like a great flat place to fun for the kids/dogs/chickens/horses, etc. :)
    I'm sure you miss your old back yard...
    Just think, Gene has so much back-up talent if this corporate gig he's got now doesn't pan out - hee hee.... :)

  3. Great Yard!
    I don't blame you husband...I really do not like projects either!

  4. You all are making a lot of progress! How exciting for you. I like the pine tree border you did along the fence and can imagine how beautiful it will be in a few more years when it fills in.


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