Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obi and Han's new Pictures

Obi-Wan's 14 year old pictures. Obi is a natural, and takes great pictures. He seems to know the exact smile and never has trouble getting his pictures taken. It makes it hard to pick out the best one!

Han Solo hates to have his picture taken. It is like torture to him and he has a hard time getting a good smile. I tell him the pictures aren't for him, but for me, so please try and SMILE! And he tries.


  1. Them are some mighty handsome boys you have there. I see a lot of Gene in them too...

  2. Handsome boys! You're so good to keep up with pictures!

  3. What handsome young men you have!

  4. Amy,

    Your gentlemen are so very handsome. I know from reading your blog these 6 months that they are just as wonderful in their hearts where it counts, too.

    We may have to reconsider those arranged marriages. (JK... maybe?)


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