Monday, October 26, 2009

Play Dough Fun

I am not a crafty person. And I don't particularly enjoy letting the kids make messes. But, recently when we had to stay home from our Bible study because of colds, I wanted to do something fun for them. So we made homemade play dough, for the first time ever. The kids loved it. Here are some pictures of them mixing the color in.

They loved this play dough, and I like to clean it up much better than the store stuff.

Yoda doesn't like to touch it with his hands!

Obi has a knack for making things from play dough. He inherited it from my older brother. Here is his figure he made.

The kids have gotten a lot of use out of this play dough, and when it passes its prime, we will be making some more. I can't believe I waited so long to make our own!


  1. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun with their play dough. I used to either have the kids play with it outside in the summer or in the garage in the winter as I didn't want it in the house period! Yoda is funny not wanting to touch it and Obi is so creative. You should try to make beads out of it so the girls can make either necklaces or even make a string for the Christmas tree and by starting now it will be hard enough by then. Thanks for sharing your family stories. Connie

  2. You know one of the things I love about having teens is that they love to do crafts and are happy to lead the youngers in these projects even though I am definitely impaired when it comes to such things. Bonus is, it usually means some time for me to do something, like blog, and they take charge of cleanup, too. You need to just go in the basement with a good book and let them at it once in a while.




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