Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lord of the Rings Marathon

Update: The comment about our family not liking Star Wars very much was supposed to be a joke! I thought it was obvious, with the kids all having Star Wars nicknames, that we loved the movies!!!

A few weekends ago, while Padme and Yoda had colds and everyone else was healthy, Han Solo and Obi hosted a Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon day at our house. They invited 7 other LOTR fans, and watched the 3 movies back to back. Two of the movies were the extended version. Between each movie, they took a break to eat, and go outside and beat on each other. Boys are strange creatures. The trampoline became the wrestling grounds for some kind of Ultimate Wrestling contest. The Mashoongas (the padded clubs) were out for some good whacking of friends. I watched from the window hoping that no one got hurt, or hurt bad enough to require medical attention! They watched movies, ate, fought, and went home 13 1/2 hours later. And all the moms reported that their boys had a great time. Go figure. One of the boys is now planning a Star Wars Marathon. I am not sure if our guys will want to attend. We don't like Star Wars very well at our house!

I am sure they all slept well that night!


  1. I have a 10 year old son, 8 and 6 yr old daughters, and a 3 yr old son that I homeschool. I encourage them to play together during recess and they usually wind up using lightsabers or nerf guns and playing war. I love looking out back and seeing them all playing together! I can't wait til the baby can join them!

  2. I'll bet Uncle Dan is sad his nephews aren't Star Wars Fans.... I remember that and the Incredible Hulk was his favorites... Once again you made me think of when you all were kids yourselves.

  3. Blessed- I love it when all the kids play together, too. I love to see the older boys playing with the little girls, and they even like to have tea parties with them, as the girls feed them!

    Connie- Uncle Danny is the reason the boys are huge Star Wars fans. He watched it with them as soon as we decided they were old enough, and he gave us the entire set of movies! And I forget about the Hulk. Oh, how he loved the Hulk!

  4. One good thing about the flu, is I got to spend some time catching up with your family this afternoon. My life has been such a roller coaster these last months, I have missed my blog world friends. And here God has forced me to lay and read your blog for the last hour.




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