Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!And if you have a "Memory Lane" post, head on over to Scottsville to join in on the fun!

My mom sent me this picture recently, and I thought it was the perfect picture to participate in the Walk Down Memory Lane carnival. This picture was taken in March of 1987 in Oregon. The picture includes my mom, my grandma and my great-grandma, with me in the front. Both of my grandmas passed away within a few years of this picture and I never saw either of them again.

My mom and I had taken a trip on my Spring Break from my first year of college to visit her mom and her grandma. It was a very fun trip. I met several cousins and saw a couple of aunts and uncles who I had not seen for years. It was also my first time, that I could remember, being in Oregon and Washington and I was amazed at how beautiful and green it was. I also remember it raining a lot while we were there.


  1. Spring break trip - $200.00
    Film for camera - $4.00
    Memories & photo - PRICELESS!!!

    Thanks for joining me on my walk today, Amy! What a fabulous, fabulous photo. Treasure it!

  2. Wow…this is indeed a very precious picture!

    I was newly married in 1987.

    I lived in Bellingham and Edmonds, Washington during 1st and 2nd grade.


  3. How incredibly precious to have a picture of all of you together. Especially considering that you lost both of those dear ladies so shortly after.

    I am trying to catch up on my reading now that we are starting to settle back in at home.

    I wanted to let you know that before I left on vacation, I ordered the book you recommended. I took it with me and read it in the car. They do a good job of explaining things and I very much enjoyed reading the testimonials. It is much like the way I have run my home for some time so I didn't find much new for me. But it was fun to peruse!

    Hope all is well with you and I look forward to visiting around some of your posts here as time permits.


  4. Hi Amy! I'm enjoying your blog! Thank you so much for your comment on my one year check up for James. I really appreciated your encouragement and then to get to see your healthy fully grown kiddos was so fun. So if I don't get him completely weaned off the bottle this week, he'll survive!

  5. Awe, a 4 generation picture, how special! We had one of those taken with my two girls, mom, and grandma, but then I had another girl, so it's already outdated. What special memories!


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